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It's time to reimagine your jewelry.

Yves loves and respects the sentimental tradition of passing jewelry from one generation to another. But so often he comes across clients who keep these pieces tucked away in jewelry boxes. Then there are those once-fashionable pieces that now look outdated and uninspiring. They’re just waiting to be reimagined. Jewelry needs to be worn and enjoyed and the greatest respect you can show these heirlooms is to give them a new life.

Yves believes reimagining your jewelry should be a fun experience. Collaborating closely with his clients, every piece of jewelry is made by hand with the individual in mind. Together you will exchange ideas and finalize the design for your jewelry reimagined. Gorgeous jewelry you are now delighted to wear.

And pass on.


ALL about yves

Steeped in tradition, Yves Ringler is a fifth-generation diamond merchant born in Antwerp, Belgium. He moved to New York twenty-five years ago to explore his passion - the specialized world of large gems, rare fancy colored diamonds and chic jewelry. Traveling the world frequently in search of the most exquisite stones, both rough and polished, Yves is dedicated to creating jewelry that reveals the stones' inherent beauty and prides himself on designing timeless, elegant pieces with an edge.

"Mr. Ringler's firm...is well known in the trade for dealing in colored gems of exceptional rarity and, of course, cost."

- The New York Times


Diamonds. A Tradition. A Passion™

In addition to Your Jewelry Reimagined™, Yves continues to have an outstanding reputation in the trade worldwide, buying and selling beautiful gems. Yves consults on every stage of the purchases and sales of diamonds and jewelry. He can also assist in replacing missing stones, repairing damaged ones and providing appraisals. All enquiries and pursuits are of course treated with confidence and the utmost privacy.  


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